Boudoir Sessions


"The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes,
because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides."

-Audrey Hepburn

I'm so glad you contacted me and are considering a boudoir session. You are truly brave. The truth is, during a boudoir session, you are going to have a really fun time. There will be girl time getting all made up with hair and makeup, there can even be champagne, and there is always laughing. It's such a gift to your self and the person you give the photos to. A gift of confidence, beauty, vulnerability and it's unexpected which makes it so fun to give. If you're not sure about this, call me and let me answer all of your questions.

Boudoir Portrait Session

75 minutes

100+ digital images

Standard retouching

3 wardrobe changes


The Everything Collection

75 minutes

100+ digital images

Standard retouching

3 wardrobe changes

8x10 Custom Album

Hair + Makeup

keepsake box with prints



  • Boudoir Album Pricing available upon request

  • Boudoir Hosted Party Pricing available upon request

  • Hair and makeup not included but let us help you with this

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Boudoir Week!

Take the time to plan and prepare. Secure your session now for your choice of dates from Aug. 11-17.

Boudoir Testimonies


"I did boudoir to send a message to my husband: I love you. And I’m here. All of me. I had found myself in a place in my marriage where I was grumbling and wanting more. I was missing my husband even though he was right there. Kelli’s boudoir shoot came up and I decided I would book it. I did it because I believe that being vulnerable and going first is really important. I did it to put a stake in the ground. I wanted more so I did something about it. So I showed up and Kelli really took care of the rest. She guided me, coached me, and encouraged me. And she made magical images that I’m proud of. And for my marriage, message was received! We’re not perfect by any means but it certainly was a gift to both of us. Intimacy is a beautiful thing worth fostering."

- Marissa

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"I was very nervous booking my boudoir photo shoot. Taking photos and taking photos half naked are two very different things! But I wanted to give my husband something different for our anniversary! Walking into the shoot I instantly felt very comfortable. It was private, Kelli had champagne and lovely treats set out, and the atmosphere was beautiful! We went through my outfits and she knew exactly what to do. I really liked Kelli's style of boudoir photos, sexy but in a soft and classy way. My husband loved them! The experience totally boosted my confidence. Not only was this gift for my husband, it turned out it was for me too!"

- Elisha

"I knew I'd have a great experience at my boudoir shoot with Kelli and I was SO right! She made me feel comfortable instantly and soon I felt like I was just hanging out with a girlfriend, all dolled up and seeing the lovely images she captured. Looking back, the photos make me feel confident, sexy and beautiful. I'm so glad I have that moment in time captured forever!"

- Chelsea

Kelli Avilia Photography Boudoir

"I have never been a person that's been confident or content with the way my body looks, but one thing I've always been confident in is that my husband thought I was beautiful, no matter what. I wanted to give him a gift that would show him that even if I wasn't confident in my body, I was confident in his love for me and my body. I went into my session feeling anxious and self-conscious, but was so pleased with the outcome. Before I opened my prints, I told myself I wasn't going to look at them and nit-pick what I did/didn't like, I was going to look at them as if I was looking at a beautiful woman in a magazine and admire them for her beauty. It really did change my perspective, I thought they were amazing! What I'd want any woman to know - no matter what you think you look like - is that your man LOVES you and LOVES your body and more than anything just wants you to be confident in that love. I have highly recommended boudoir to friends and strongly believe that they can change the imperfect image you have of yourself and your body and make you begin to love yourself differently."

- Kanoa

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