fresno boudoir

Boudoir is Beautiful

Boudoir is so beautiful! Maybe your experience of boudoir hasn't been tasteful and lovely so beautiful isn't how you'd describe it. I have a lovely gallery and an instagram account dedicated to just how beautiful it truly is. 

Boudoir is beautiful because women are beautiful. While we are all unique and our beauty is unique, we were all created intentionally with beauty. In fact, it was femininity, beauty, nurture, tenderness.... that God needed to complete creation when he formed us from Adam's rib. Our beauty completed mankind making humans in the image of God. That's an incredible fact to understand, especially if we don't actually see ourselves as beautiful. Our struggle to comprehend that fact doesn't change it's truth. Women are made intentionally to be uniquely beautiful, feminine, tender, lovely, nurturing....and so many other things. I dare you to name them about yourself. How did God make you uniquely beautiful? Say it out loud. 

Those fore mentioned attributes sound so fragile, fleeting or weak. I assure you there is nothing fragile about your loveliness. Have you noticed the world we live in? Beauty is assaulted constantly, in images, lyrics, language... You have to be one strong babe to keep and embrace your beauty. Strong is beautiful. Brave is beautiful. Driven is beautiful. Self respecting is beautiful. And let's be honest, we are all fragile sometimes, even weak on occasion. That's part of our humanity, not our beauty or so called lack there of. 

Your beauty is seen in your eyes when you attentively listen to your kids tell you about their day. It beams from your smile, glows on your skin. It's not hidden when you are bent over a sink washing dishes in your yoga pants and top knot. Your beauty is not lost when you gain 20 lbs after birthing children and live in the fog of motherhood for 5 years. It doesn't age but it is perfected, and when you forget that it's there and so does your husband, I promise you, your beauty is alive and well. 

I will tell you though with much conviction... You have to care for your beauty. You have to respect it and nurture it. If you do, it will flourish. I would even dare to say that when a women acknowledges, embraces, celebrates, respects and nurtures her beauty, relationships change. Futures change. Marriages change. Our daughters are changed. Beauty is truly that powerful!

This is why I photograph Boudoir. Because if my images have any small part in this journey for a woman, then I have much to be proud of. Boudoir is beautiful. You are beautiful.