Avila Family

This is my sweet family. So thankful that after all the life that has gone down, we are still brother and sister in law. Or drop the in law. We are brother and sisters. We love each other's kids, we support each other and we always keep it real. That's the most important thing; keepin' it real. Honesty and sincerity in family dynamics isn't always easy but it's always best. That's how we roll. Marissa and I decided a long time ago, like before she married Jake, that that's how we would do things in life together. It's gotten us through some big stuff and I'm so grateful for that. 

One of my favorite things about M, that's what my kids call Marissa.... Is that I can be in a Target (always) and run into her wearing nearly the same clothes. Likely a utility jacket and some Madewell jeans... Or we'll be mistaken for each other on any given day... same hair, similar style, overlapping friend crew.... Even my kids will mistake her for me... We're different in many ways but I love what we have in common and I really love the influence we have on each other's lives. 

I've gotten to photograph them for most of their life together but this session is my favorite. Mostly because they are all here! Family of 5! Also, the location and wardrobe made it one for the walls for sure. 

Marissa's dress: Asos    Jacob: Goodfellow from Target    Jack: Old Navy    Josie: Zara, Salwater, June Park     Romy Old Navy, Zuzii, Baby Bling Bow