Adventures With Alyvia | Senior Photos Three Rivers California

Alyvia is a gem! She called me in hopes to go somewhere adventurous and capture her free spirit for senior portraits. She brought a killer suede  jacket, a beautiful smile and we went to work. It was most definitely a memorable day. Not just because Alyvia is incredibly beautiful.... We were serenaded by a transient with a boom box blasting jazz music who took one look at her and was clearly in love, I dropped my phone in the river, Alyvia didn't hesitate to jump in for it, and I'm pretty sure she needed a damn good pedicure after this session because she literally frolicked around the hills and rocks bare foot for 2 hours. I love days like this. There's something next level beautiful about a young women who knows who she is and knows her worth. You can see it in these photos. It's magical.