Organize Your Family Photos... you're welcome.

Hey mom's and new wives... This is a digital world we live in. You need this I just know it.

Here's a few ideas on how to keep your photos safe and organized. 

  • Store them on an external hard drive that you keep in a safe place not just your computer. This will save your computer's storage. I just bought a new one on Amazon and with Prime I got it the same day. 
  • Back them up virtually. Check out this guide to choosing a back up site. 
  • Keep your folders organized. That could be by date, by holiday, by event... Tittle it so you know where to look for what you need. Then organize those folders by year. 
  • Every time you export photos from your camera or phone, put them in the correct folder on your hard drive and then immediately back it up. 
  • Take the time to print your photos. Prints, albums, canvases, what ever, just print them! is the place to do that at the best price with the best quality. I recently started making it easier on my clients and am offering print ready galleries of your photo sessions. You click the link to your images and follow the prompts to order prints at cost. Now there's no excuse not to order prints of your photos. I also love Artifact Uprising for more boutique type products. Don't forget to print your Instagram photos. Instagram is the highlight reel of our lives. We post the best and most memorable stuff on there. Make books of them because Instagram could very well end up like My Space and be laughed at and forgotten one day along with all your sweet filtered photos ;) Check out the Mpix App to print from your phone. 
  • Start albums or boxes of prints for your kids. Wouldn't it be amazing to gift them their whole life in print one day!? 
  • When you print them, store them just like you do the digital copies. Categorized and in a safe place. Photo boxes, photo albums.... Many print labs make wooden boxes for your photos. 

There's a million questions you could ask with in each of these ideas, depending on your tech knowledge and organizational skills. If you need more help, feel free to ask! I'm happy to help.