Hi, I'm Kelli...

...a small town girl with an appreciation for all things beautiful, fresh flowers, chocolate, Dr. Pepper in a styrofoam cup, and quite early mornings. I don’t love traffic, mean people, laundry and slow drivers; Ain't no body got time for that!! My photography adventure started 7 years ago when a friend asked for help photographing kiddos and weddings. It was the creative outlet I didn’t know I needed and eventually I made it my career. Here I am today raising 4 kids on my own and photographing my way through life.

I joke that I’m the divorced wedding and boudoir photographer. It’s a bit ironic and perfect, I think. I absolutely love to stand up and agree with people in love on their wedding day. I have loved and lost so I know very well the significance of those vows being spoken. I also have so much respect for the wife and the women who gets vulnerable and beautiful in front of a camera in efforts to spice up her marriage or to simply see herself different. Women are incredibly brave, strong, and lovely. Sometimes we forget and need a little help remembering. That’s what boudoir is for me. Showing women that they are lovely, lovable and worth celebrating.

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