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Why Me?

Why Me?

This is why...

There's so many photographers in our area and beyond who do beautiful work. As a consumer, that's great for you to have the opportunity to shop and really choose the artist best fit for you and your family. Here's what I believe sets me apart from so many other talented photographers... 

  • I'm a mom. I have a mother's heart and a mother's eye for preserving the precious moments that can almost go unnoticed if you're not paying attention. The things we see everyday but never want to forget. For instance; the way a child looks at his mommy and tells her he loves her. Or the adventure and curiosity of a toddler who just learned to walk and will not pose with eye contact and the perfect smile, no matter how many lolly pops we bribe her with. 
  • As a person, I'm sincere and honest. I don't know how to be anything else but real. It's the same in my work. I have to cultivate and instigate honest emotion and moments. Anything else is never my best. I need to, have to, want to dig in and know what makes you laugh, what makes your kids giggle, what makes your fiancΓ© feel free to kiss you passionately in front of my camera so you can always remember how those moments felt just by looking at that photograph. 
  • I'm hungry. I say that humbly and honestly. My livelihood, my provision, the food I put on my kid's table comes from the art I create with my camera. This drives me to be the best I can be for you as the client. My family depends on it and money is hard earned. I want you to feel like you got more than your money's worth, I won't be happy until that's accomplished,

As you look through my past to present work, you may see an evolution of style. I'm growing. Every day I'm growing. And so is the number of photographers that I'm competing with for your business. I'm doing my best to create a product that is unique to my eye, my heart and my business. I've landed on a style of photographing and editing that feels very natural to the true moment I captured and yet enhances the drama and emotion that I was trying to preserve. It's important for you to know that booking a session with me will be fun, it might be silly, I might stretch you, I might ask you to be vulnerable. I likely won't spend a great deal of time posing your family. I will ask you to be you and I will spend time documenting it. With that said, we all need a little help relaxing and being real in front of a camera. No worries. I will do that for you.