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As you prepare for your session, here is some info to help you plan.


What you wear is a key component of what makes a beautiful and impactful photo. Choose clothing that is not too far fetched from who you really are but also not your every day jeans and t-shirt. Be sure you can move in what you are wearing. Flowing dresses are great for movement and create a more dramatic look. A great tie and hat can add personality. Wear shoes that are agreeable with the environment we are photographing in. Colors depend on skin tone and setting. Think about the location and how your wardrobe will look with in it. Also, consider the rooms you’ll be hanging the photos is. You may want to coordinate the colors you wear with the room you are hanging the photo in. I have created a Style Board for inspiration: and for kids:


Together you and I will select a location based on the type of environment you want and what style you have in mind. If you love a light and airy organic environment, I will find us a beautiful natural setting that may include an open field with tall grass and lovely trees. If you prefer something more modern and symmetric, I’ll look for buildings and structures to accommodate that style. There are plenty of options in our Valley. It may require a 30 minute drive but we will find the perfect spot for you. There’s also the option of a home session. If you want to document life in your home, I’m so happy to come over and capture life as you do it in your little corner of the world. Good window light is all we need for a really great home photo session. 

Where to Print:

You are welcome to print directly through your viewing gallery. I have set this up to be simple, affordable and quick for you to get your beautiful images off of a computer and on to your walls. If you choose to print out side of my gallery, I recommend and 

Sharing Photos:

You are welcome and encouraged to share your photos on any and all social media platforms. I will be doing the same! My only request is that you link my business to the photos with a mention or a tag. You can find me on Facebook at Instagram: @kelliavilaphoto You should also know that any photos I take will likely be used to promote my business on all of my social platforms and also on the platforms of my affiliates. If you need further information on keeping your photos private, please speak with me. 



A portrait session is $400. The session will last 1-2 hours not including drive time. You will receive approximately 100 edited print ready images on a private gallery where you can share, download, and print directly through. I will also give you a $50 print credit so you can immediately print your photos at no cost to you. Your photos will be ready with in 7-10 business days. 

There is also a “mini” session version of this available for $250. This session is 30 minutes of photographing and the location must be in town. You receive 25 edited images but may purchase any additional images at $10 each. There is no print credit with this pricing and newborns are excluded. 

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