Practical Tips on Self Love and Care From a Pro...

You gotta dig down and own yours to have yours. Every Sister Goddess, no matter how beautiful the world tells her she is, has to know and accept herself if she is to get hold of her own special brand of beauty if she is to own it truly.

Hi Ladies!

Let me introduce myself my name is Nancy Howze, and I am a Health Coach in Hanford California. I’m honored Kelli invited me to write a piece for her upcoming Boudoir Sessions.  I’m guessing some might be feeling a little nervous about wearing lingerie in front of the camera and wondering what to do to look and feel your best. 

To radiate beauty, you must OWN your beauty. Regena Thomashauer, the author of Mama Gena’s School of the Womanly Arts, says it best, “You gotta dig down and own yours to have yours. Every Sister Goddess, no matter how beautiful the world tells her she is, has to know and accept herself if she is to get hold of her own special brand of beauty if she is to own it truly.” 

Well said Regena Thomashauer. Notice Regena didn’t say own your beauty when you lose 10 pounds. Own your beauty and body now just the way you are. Confidence is sexy.

I’m guessing some might be thinking of crash dieting, you know lose 10 pounds quick before the upcoming boudoir session. Most likely the crash diet will be no fun, and at the end, you will still feel like you’re still not where you want to be. Bypass all that and make the powerful decision to love and accept YOU just the way you are right now.

The truth about beauty is that its already within you. You don’t need a crash diet or any other quick fix to feel beautiful. You are beautiful right now, just as you are. Decide to see your beauty, embrace it, and own it. 

Experiencing beauty is an inside job that starts with a decision. By embracing all of ourselves, especially those parts of ourselves that we don’t approve of, we then become truly gorgeous. You’re probably thinking, this all sounds great but how do I actually do this.

I have a simple tool that I give to my clients. Choose a part of your physical self that you normally criticize, and appreciate it for the next 7 days, several times a day, look at the part of yourself in the mirror and list what you appreciate about that part, listing everything that’s good about it. Speak your appreciations out loud, write them down or at the very least list them in your head. Resist the urge to criticize, most likely you’ve done enough of that already. 

It's counterintuitive, but by owning all the parts of your body, even the ones we typically deem “trouble areas,” you can then lose them. In other words, you have to own a $1 to lose a $1; you have to own, accept and love the parts of your body you’d like to see transformed. This might sound a little crazy, but I promise you it’s the truth. 

Here are a few tips for feeling your best physically for your upcoming Boudoir session.

Tip #1: Cut out salty food. Excessive salt causes the body to retain, or hold onto, water causing excess bloat. Processed foods, fast foods, and restaurant meals are notoriously high in salt; it’s a good idea to cut these out before your photo shoot.  

Tip #2: Drink a ton of water. Water rids the body of any excess salt. Yes, drinking water will cause more trips to the bathroom. However, this is one way the body detoxifies itself. Not to mention it’s getting hot around here, time to up your water consumption.  A good rule is to drink half of your weight in ounces. For example, a 160 lb. person should drink roughly 80 ounces of water a day. 

Tip #3: Increase your intake of potassium-rich foods, like bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes (with the skin), spinach, asparagus, white beans, salmon, halibut, pistachios, and broccoli to name a few. Potassium is a key nutrient with many uses including regulating the fluid balance of the body, reducing water retention. 

Tip #4: Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. When we eat quickly, we make it hard for the body to digest causing gas and bloating. Make a game counting how many times you chew a bite of food. Take a bite and chew as you normally would, count how many times you chew before swallowing. Most people average 3-5 chews per bite. Increase the number of chews for each subsequent bite with the goal of 30 chews per bite. For reference, softer foods like yogurt aren’t going to be 30-chew bites. However, a bite of chicken is a 30-chew bite. 

Tip #5: Breathe. Breath is a key component of digestion. When we practice breath, we turn on our Parasympathetic Nervous System, the one responsible for rest and digest, and we turn off the Sympathetic Nervous System, the one responsible for Flight or Fight. 

Here is a simple breathing exercise. Get comfortable, either sitting or lying down, close your eyes if you can, Inhale through your nose for a count of 3-5, pause and hold for a count of 3-5, then exhale, through the back of your throat, for a count of 5-7.

Continue this breath pattern for 3 to 5 minutes, longer if you have the time. Practice this before meals, setting your body up for optimal digestion; you will also be more present in the meal. I practice this breath anytime I’m feeling stress or overwhelm, before I go to sleep at night, even in the car (obviously with my eyes open).

I wish all of your ladies a fun Boudoir Session. Kelli is an awesome photographer, and she is sure to make you feel comfortable. Boudoir Sessions are empowering and sexy. What a great way to step into your brand of beauty, the essence of you. Enjoy! 

If you're interested in Health Coaching, email me at  We can set up a time for your complimentary Total Body Transformation Discovery Session. 

Currently, I’m very low-tech, as I’m in the process of building my coaching website. I should have my website up and running in July at Until then; please feel free to reach out via email or call me at 559-250-2311.

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Harder Coast Session

This sweet family invited me to meet them during family vacation and we had soooo much fun! It was the perfect way to plan family photos. They wanted the session to be full of candid moments. Lot's of life happening and captured just as it went. So that's what we did. Hudson went through at least 3 outfits as you can see. My favorite moment was at the end when we attempted a more posed family portrait and Hudson was more interested in plowing through the sand with his truck. I love that they let him do his thing and I got to capture their family true to who they are. That's always the goal. I want to give you images that will remind you of these precious seasons of life, just as they happened. 

Beach sessions are available for June 29, Aug. 3 and 4. I'd love to meet you at the coast and capture your sweet family!

Love, Sex and Boudoir... | Visalia California Boudoir Photography

Now that I'm divorced, I have this interesting perspective on love, sex, relationship... You know what they say about hind sight... There's a clarity to how I see those things now. I guess that happens when the emotions of it all are far removed. When you're, married, sex often becomes a chore that you rarely have time or energy for. We're quick to assume that our husband's needs will be there tomorrow or the next day. Today is just not the day, babe. Maybe next week.  And it's easy to take for granted that they're locked in for the long haul with us so showing up our best is optional. This may not represent all of us. But I've done a lot of listening and this is the story for many of us. You married him as one person but he's now married to another version. 

Here's some of my theories. I think we show up in our marriages half of a person because we are so busy taking care of people, giving birth, making meals..... we excuse ourself from being our own person and caring for our own needs. We allow ourself to get lost. No one asked us to do that. We do that. And then years later, we wake up, look in the mirror and dislike what we see. If that's not you, don't read this. If there's some truth to this for you then hear me out?

No one asked you to loose yourself to make everyone else's world go 'round. You did that. Which is good news. You can fix it. I did this in my marriage. It didn't turn out well for me. Where ever you went, you can find your self again. I'm speaking from experience. There's no one like you so if you're not being you, then you're missing. 

Your husband loves you. Your husband needs you. Your husband wants you. Your "flaws" are not flaws to him. There just part of you. And I have a feeling you spend twenty thousand times more effort hating on and worrying about your body, your age, your wardrobe than he does... I think he might love your more than you love you. But, what if that changed? What would happen if that changed. Think about it. Stop reading this and think about what would change in your life... 

Now, what do you want to do about it? Do you want to put on some yoga pants and actually do yoga? Do you want to get a sitter and take your man on a date? Do you want to throw out every pair of worn undies you have and fill your drawers with pretty panties? Maybe buy a new bra from somewhere other than target and see how you feel. Do something to interrupt whatever isn't working. Loving yourself is loving your husband. Loving yourself is loving your kids. It is in no way selfish. If you got your hair done before you had kids. Why wouldn't you get your hair done after? I'm pretty sure your man goes to the barber still. 

I write all of this because I have been there and I believe there is something better for us. I believe that we can see ourself differently and change our relationships because of it. I believe that when our kids see us living in love, they thrive with joy and security. Maybe boudoir photography isn't the answer for you. Maybe it's a start. I can guarantee you this: A boudoir session with me will cause you to feel liberated, empowered and lovely. And I'm sure you already know how it will make your man feel. I think he'd feel cared for and considered. I think he'd feel loved and heard. I think it would jumpstart something really great in your marriage. Take some time and think about it. If you're intimidated by those extra 15 pounds, put your Nike's on and get to work. If you need a wax and a tan, I've got a girl. If you just need a friend with you, bring her. I'll bring the Champagne. Consider it. I'll be here when you're ready. 

Beauty is fleeting...

There's a conversation happening out there and I want to join to give my take. The topic is beauty and how every women is beautiful regardless of her body shape, size.... etc. I just don't think that's fully true. Before you blow a gasket and shame me, read on... 

Value and beauty are two very different things. I believe that every person holds value simply because they were created by a loving and intentional God. You held value even before you were conceived. I know this because God says He knew us before we were in our mother's womb. He took the time to know us and then give us a life and a family and a place in the world. That itself gives us value. We all posess it, even if we don't live according to it. Even if we live cheap. Even if we live low. We are of such great value that the price He paid for us was death. (I'm a Christian. This is my personal belief based on the Bible. You may see it otherwise. )

With that said, Beauty is different. I think there is the world's standard of beauty, there's the standard we make up in our head, and then there's true beauty. I'm not that interested in the world's standard. It's unrealistic, plastic, unattainable. And the one we make up in our head is usually influenced by the world and leads to comparison, highlighting all the ways we fall short of the photoshopped images we are inundated with. The beauty I'm interested in talking about is the truest one. The beauty that shines from the inside out. The beauty that is enhanced and radiates when we care for it, cherish it. I think the most beautiful people are the ones who are just as lovely inside as they are out. The ones who care for the body, mind and heart. The ones who smile with confidence and walk with grace. Those come in all shapes and sizes. What I don't think is beautiful is a girl who wants to feel lovely but doesn't want to love herself. The girl who envy's fit people but will not work out. The girl who feels insecure about herself but won't accept a compliment when it's given.

I love the current movement to empower women and celebrate beauty. But here's the thing; no garden tends to it's self. You're gonna have to care for your health to be and maintain beauty. It's a gift that isn't promised forever. It ages, it fades, it stretches... And when it does, what's left? 

So let's be honest. While there are sooooo many curvy beautiful women, soooo many 75 year old beautiful women, sooooo many dark skinned, light skinned, freckly skinned beautiful women out there, it's the women who take care of them self that shine. And like I said before, we all have value, but beauty is a gift that some of us care for and some of us don't. I want to celebrate the women who care and encourage the women who haven't figured out how to yet. Ultimately, loving our self is important. Where ever you rate your self on the beauty scale, just be sure to love your self. 

Senior Portraits | Madelyn

No one looks better in a field of purple flowers than this beauty! Also, she's about to be a Trojan!!! You've got a heart of gold and the loveliest spirit, Madelyn. Excited for the next season of life for you! Well done!

Senior Portraits | Bryce

She's going to UCLA! Not only is she STUNNING but she's super fun, hil-LARIOUS, and she's a smarty pants! I'm excited for the life Bryce is carving out for herself so far. Good work girl!

Congratulations ya' Bruin! 

Lance + Kayla, Forever and Ever... Amen.

I don't really have to say anything here. Just look at these images and try not to smile and even cry. Leave a comment below and tell them how freaking amazing they are!!

Boudoir is Beautiful

Boudoir is so beautiful! Maybe your experience of boudoir hasn't been tasteful and lovely so beautiful isn't how you'd describe it. I have a lovely gallery and an instagram account dedicated to just how beautiful it truly is. 

Boudoir is beautiful because women are beautiful. While we are all unique and our beauty is unique, we were all created intentionally with beauty. In fact, it was femininity, beauty, nurture, tenderness.... that God needed to complete creation when he formed us from Adam's rib. Our beauty completed mankind making humans in the image of God. That's an incredible fact to understand, especially if we don't actually see ourselves as beautiful. Our struggle to comprehend that fact doesn't change it's truth. Women are made intentionally to be uniquely beautiful, feminine, tender, lovely, nurturing....and so many other things. I dare you to name them about yourself. How did God make you uniquely beautiful? Say it out loud. 

Those fore mentioned attributes sound so fragile, fleeting or weak. I assure you there is nothing fragile about your loveliness. Have you noticed the world we live in? Beauty is assaulted constantly, in images, lyrics, language... You have to be one strong babe to keep and embrace your beauty. Strong is beautiful. Brave is beautiful. Driven is beautiful. Self respecting is beautiful. And let's be honest, we are all fragile sometimes, even weak on occasion. That's part of our humanity, not our beauty or so called lack there of. 

Your beauty is seen in your eyes when you attentively listen to your kids tell you about their day. It beams from your smile, glows on your skin. It's not hidden when you are bent over a sink washing dishes in your yoga pants and top knot. Your beauty is not lost when you gain 20 lbs after birthing children and live in the fog of motherhood for 5 years. It doesn't age but it is perfected, and when you forget that it's there and so does your husband, I promise you, your beauty is alive and well. 

I will tell you though with much conviction... You have to care for your beauty. You have to respect it and nurture it. If you do, it will flourish. I would even dare to say that when a women acknowledges, embraces, celebrates, respects and nurtures her beauty, relationships change. Futures change. Marriages change. Our daughters are changed. Beauty is truly that powerful!

This is why I photograph Boudoir. Because if my images have any small part in this journey for a woman, then I have much to be proud of. Boudoir is beautiful. You are beautiful. 

Avila Family

This is my sweet family. So thankful that after all the life that has gone down, we are still brother and sister in law. Or drop the in law. We are brother and sisters. We love each other's kids, we support each other and we always keep it real. That's the most important thing; keepin' it real. Honesty and sincerity in family dynamics isn't always easy but it's always best. That's how we roll. Marissa and I decided a long time ago, like before she married Jake, that that's how we would do things in life together. It's gotten us through some big stuff and I'm so grateful for that. 

One of my favorite things about M, that's what my kids call Marissa.... Is that I can be in a Target (always) and run into her wearing nearly the same clothes. Likely a utility jacket and some Madewell jeans... Or we'll be mistaken for each other on any given day... same hair, similar style, overlapping friend crew.... Even my kids will mistake her for me... We're different in many ways but I love what we have in common and I really love the influence we have on each other's lives. 

I've gotten to photograph them for most of their life together but this session is my favorite. Mostly because they are all here! Family of 5! Also, the location and wardrobe made it one for the walls for sure. 

Marissa's dress: Asos    Jacob: Goodfellow from Target    Jack: Old Navy    Josie: Zara, Salwater, June Park     Romy Old Navy, Zuzii, Baby Bling Bow

Raising Boys and Cleaning Up Their Pee...

This scene just played out in my house… One boy is peeing. Door is open, another boy comes in and spanks peeing boy super hard on his bare bottom. Peeing boy almost falls, Pee is spraying everywhere. Other boy laughs and runs away. Peeing boy goes after him with pants half on, no flushing, no washing of hands, no turning out the light, no cleaning up the pee. End scene. 

My house is riddled with Nurf bullets, legos and hot wheels. My laundry is full of inside out jeans with underwear still in them. I buy them at least a dozen pairs of shoes each year. A fraction of everything they eat stays on their face and shirt. And, they don’t care if I’m going number 1 or 2, they’ll tell me all about some amazing Minecraft/Star Wars/Hot wheels… something or other because I’m sitting there with no where to go, I have to listen to them.

My boys are 8, 5 and almost 2. I absolutely love raising boys. I love my girl for sure, but I think there’s a reason I only have one. You feel me…. My boys think I’m beautiful on my worst day. They have a grace for me and I have a grace for them that is just different than with a girl. 

Sometimes Ari (5) will grab my face and tell me how bootiful I am and how much he wuvs my whip stick. He asks me to marry him daily and does this charming little thing where he snaps his fingers and points at me while saying, “Hey babe.” It’s stupid cute. 

Ren (20 months) has always been obsessed with my hair. He puts his arms around my neck and with both hands, plays with it incessantly. If it’s up, he pulls it down. He also loves to be face on face with me. It’s like he can’t get close enough to me so he just smashes himself against me while wearing this cute little grin showing how happy it makes him to literally suffocate me with his love. 

Sam (8) is the man of the house. He opens my doors, takes out the trash, checks the mail, always asks to help me. If I’m upset, he’s upset. He drinks coffee with me in the early mornings because he likes to sit and have quiet moments with me. (really it’s cream with a side of coffee but whatever, it’s sweet) He feels big and I love his tender heart. 

It’s such an important job raising boys. I know the movement of the hour is for women but we’d have no need for a women’s movement if we raised our boys to be gentlemen. We need to teach our boys to be strong and still tender. Brave and still wise. Respectful and responsible. That’s a more challenging job for some over others. How do you do that when there’s isn’t an example present? I don’t have all the answers but I think I’m doing a few things right...

I tell them how I see them even if they aren’t functioning well in it yet. I tell Ren that he’s a strong boy with big love in his heart. He’s actually not that strong because he’s 2 and when he sticks his finger all the way up my nose just because, there’s not much love in his heart but, I say it anyway. I always call them to their best. When Sam makes his bed and it looks like there’s still a body in it, I ask him if that’s the best he’s got. I wait to enter through a door until they open it for me. I rarely have to wait long because it’s become natural to get the door for other people first. Ari is still learning this but Sammy is setting a great example. I remind my boys often that girls are precious and need to be treated as such regardless of how they act. I also remind them that most girls have a daddy and they’ll have to ask that daddy’s permission before they go near her. That convo was introduced after receiving a text message from Ari’s teacher about him chasing, proposing and kissing girls the first week of school. Dear God…

A very wise friend told me this once: Boys get their worth from their momma while they learn how to be a man from their daddy. Girls get their worth from their daddy while they learn how to be a woman from their momma. I’m so thankful to know this bit of wisdom…. 

One of the most important things I’m learning about parenting is to let them see us as people. People with interests and hobby’s, people who over come hard things, people who are kind to other people. They need to see us being good humans so they can become a good human. We have to live out loud in front of our kids. With our kids. 

That’s all I got. Fingers crossed and a lot of prayer I get this right. 


Long's Christmas Photographs

Look at how damn pretty my friends are! Jordon and Elisha Long are two babes who fell in love a million years ago and have been adventuring beautiful places together ever since. With Jordon's love for travel and restoring cars, he decided to resurrect this old school "creeper van" into a mobile bedroom so they could jump in the van and roll out when ever they pleased. She's called the' Vandura' and she has her own Instagram account: @sweethomevandura. Check out their adventures!

In December we took the Vandura up into the Hills to Hillcrest Tree Farm for some fun winter photos! Jordon adorned the van with beautiful garland and hung Elisha's hand made wreath. They sprinkled some twinkle lights around and it became Christmas time in the Sweet Home Vandura! I'm super in love with Elisha's dress from Wild Moon Collection. It's perfect on her. And, look at sweet Maddy girl on their lap. It's not a family portrait with out Maddy! 



The Accident That Changed Us...


Recently my family went through a life altering experience that we are just coming out of only 4 months later... While I've never really shared what happened, I was covered in prayer, help, encouragements... people I didn't even know sincerely prayed for my family just because they decided to care. That's really huge if you think about it. We don't always choose to care for people, but so many did and I am thankful. Here's what happened…  

A truck hit their car. It rolled numerous times. Wedged on it's side between two light posts on Main Street, my kid's daddy raised them up and out of the car through the window which was now above their heads and busted open. I have terrible visions still of them suspended by their seat belts, just hanging there covered in fear and blood waiting to be saved. I'm shaking just typing this. I wasn't there but that's the picture I made up from the details the kids have shared with me. They said some people just stood there and watched. Some jumped in to help. To the lady who quickly grabbed a towel from her trunk and cleaned the blood off my sweet son's face and kept him calm while the others were getting lifted out of the car, THANK YOU. I wish I knew your name so I could hug you. 

The impact was on my daughter's door. It shattered the window glass into her face and forced the door into the car somehow thrashing her foot. The boys walked away with some scrapes and a traumatic experience that would stay with them for some time to come and poor Lily nearly lost her foot. Their dad is an EMT. He handled it, with all the fear and adrenaline, he handled it. I'm so thankful that it was him and not me. The moment I heard him tell the ER Doc that he, "put it all back in..." referencing Lily's foot, I was incredibly grateful that it wasn't me in that position. 

He called me from the ambulance and with panic in his voice ordered me to the ER. I didn't ask questions, I just flipped my car around and drove stupid fast to the hospital. This would also be the day I stopped nursing my 18 month old and our first night apart, we weren't ready for that. When I got to the hospital, the boys were separated from Lily and their dad, a nurse kept them company while they waited for me. As you can imagine, the second I walked in they exploded into tears and folded into my arms like limp noodles. In that moment they were babies again and never needed me more. It was in that moment that I remembered what I was made of. I've never been a mom more than that night.

We were in a busy hospital, first responders lingering everywhere to make sure we were all ok, doctors in and out, nurses poking, and checking, and monitoring... It was crazy chaos. All I could think to do was to take control of the atmosphere in the room so my boys would feel safe. I put my biggest smile on, tempered the mood of the room with distractions and juice boxes and held them tight until I could get in to see Lily. And then, I had to do it all over again. She was cut up, bloody, and her foot laid there exposed and dismantled. I couldn't look. I just held her. 

Most of the evening was made up of comforting my babies and quick trips to the bathroom to let my tears out and catch my breath. It ended with a 12am trip to Valley Children's in Fresno for surgery and a long stay. Lily's treatment continued with 2-3 trips each week to Valley Children's, additional surgeries and procedures and now 4 months later, she's out of the wheel chair running and dancing. It's an experience I'll never forget. I won't forget how I felt in my chest watching my daughter endure pain at levels I've taken epidurals for. I won't forget my boy's faces when I walked in the ER or the nights that followed when they had flashbacks and couldn't sleep. And I'll never forget how lucky we are that everyone is alive and well, every time I look at Lily's scars I'm thankful. 

Her foot will never be the same. She's had skin grafting so most of her foot looks like a burn victim. It's brought us into a lot of conversations about beauty. We decided that her scars are reminders that she was saved for great things. She's worked through the embarrassment already and is now ready to let it be seen so she can proudly tell her story when asked. I'm so proud of her. 


This is my take away from all of this. No one is immune to tragedy. No one is promised anything or any day. I have also been reminded of the hard truth that IT'S OK WHEN BAD SHIT HAPPENS. When you have an eternal perspective, you can walk through hard things, unfair things, life changing things with a different mind set than you would if eternity wasn't promised to you. This place is temporary. The stuff that goes down here may mess us up, shape us, teach us, rearrange  us... but it doesn't change the trajectory of where we're going if we believe in Jesus Christ, Father God and Holy Spirit. I hate the hard shit. I get a lot of it. But I get to choose how I show up in it and after it. That's important. 

So hug your babies. Forgive people. Laugh as much as possible. Don't sweat the small stuff. And have lots of kitchen dance parties with your kids before they turn into 15 year old jerks! That's my plan anyway ;) 

Seth + Alisha | Yosemite National Park Engagement Session

I strapped on my $8 yard sale baby carrier, put Ren inside and joined my new friends Seth and Alicia  in Yosemite last week. They asked me to shoot their engagement session in Yosemite and I gladly said, "Um yes!" It's the best place to spend a Sunday. Here's a few from our time at Tunnel View and our hike to Taft Point. I LOVE lovers in the mountains....

Alexis + Blake | Visalia California Engagement

Meet Alexis and Blake. The day I got to photograph these lovers was about as hot as Alexis is in that yellow romper and those blue shoes. It was literally smoking outside. We spent time shooting in the studio to keep from the heat and I'm so glad we did because those are my favorite images from the day. We laughed the entire time. Like belly laughed. I think there was conversations about inappropriate things... vegetables... farts. Yep. It was a good time. I can't wait for their wedding this fall for more laughs and dirty jokes!

Zack + Saskia | A Vibrant and Modern Kingsburg California Wedding

After an adventurous engagement session in the Cambria Mountains, I knew this wedding would be a great one. But it was more than that. This wedding was absolutely breath taking. Amazing details, fabulous vendors, and the bride and groom of course were stunning. It took place on the Kings River in Kingsburg Ca. in the beautiful backyard of the groom's parents. The most memorable detail was an oversized circular swing covered thick in florals and foliage. It was epic and made for some amazing photographs. Take a look at all the goodness from Zack and Saskia's vibrant and modern river side wedding... 

Emily + Bryce | Bakersfield California River Side Wedding


Emily + Bryce

A timeless and romantic wedding set in Bakersfield California.

When I met Bryce and Emily it was at a Starbucks in Visalia. I had all 4 of my kids with me, including one infant, one 4 year old who is still in his terrible 2's and the older kids who are usually reliable when it comes to knowing when and where to act like an animal. I set them up with snacks and Frappuccinos, an iPad and books.... The consultation was going, well until the 4 year old who was still in his terrible 2's, decided he needed to use the restroom. This is the moment I new that Bryce and Emily were my kind of people. Bryce volunteered to escort my pee pee dancing son to the little boys room so I could finish my conversation with Emily. At that point I new I would most def be hiring them as my clients but I was not confident that they would be hiring me as their wedding photographer. I mean, their wedding consultation included 4 children, lots of interruptions, and an escorted trip to the restroom by the future groom. But, I was wrong. With in a few weeks we were shooting their engagement session and I couldn't have been more thankful and happy that my life did not intimate them. They embraced me as a persona and as a business. I'm so glad they did because look at the magic we created.... 

Hair & Makeup: Alivia Daniels

Dress: Ladies and Gents Formal Wear

Cake: Gimme Some Sugar Cakes

Cup Cakes: Elizabeth Monroig

Coordinator: Morgan Landry Strong

Florals: Sun Country Flowers