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I wake up every morning to 4 beautiful kids that I get to be mommy to. They each make me incredibly happy, busy, exhausted, inspired and humbled.  My time with them is my favorite.

I love good coffee, fresh flowers, adventures, interior design, early mornings, gardening, being known, the humming birds that call my back yard home, and laughing 'til my belly hurts.

I do not love traffic, mean people, 110 degree summers, wasted time, being interrupted, curry, bad tattoos (i have 2) and laundry. God i hate laundry!

I've been working professionally for 5 years. I fell in love with photography as I started documenting my kids in all their silly, messy, sad, raw moments. I just wanted to capture real memories to hold on to forever; time with them passes too quickly. I realized that most people want the same and as a mother, I, especially, know how to provide that for them. I carry the same approach into other genres of photography. Real, raw, emotional and full of life photography; that's what I strive for.